The benefits of Using Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

About calcium ammonium nitrate

Calcium ammonium nitrate is actually a derivative of ammonium nitrate. It is also widely used as a fertilizer all over the world. Calcium ammonium nitrate is a combination of 70 to 80 percent of ammonium nitrate and 20 to 30 percent calcium carbonate. One good thing about calcium ammonium nitrate as a fertilizer is that it contains both calcium and nitrogen. Nitrogen is very important in plant growth since it assists in photosynthesis. Nitrogen is an important component of chlorophyll thus making it an essential part in the nutrient- producing capacity of the plant. Nitrogen can also help plum leaves and can increase the seed and fruit production of trees. Calcium, which is added to ammonium nitrate, is also essential in the plant’s growth. Calcium actually assists in the formation of new cells. This will play an important role in the regeneration of new plant systems. Calcium can also improve the quality of the fruit and will help prolong the storage life of the produce. Aside from that, calcium also plays a significant role in the metabolism of nitrogen.

Agriculture and calcium ammonium nitrate

Calcium ammonium nitrate is now gaining popularity in the agricultural business. It is actually water soluble so the plants can easily absorb the nutrients without them needing to be converted. It is ideal for fertigation and can be used at any time of the year. Aside from supplying nitrogen to the plant, calcium ammonium nitrate also provides calcium which is as important in plant growth. This product is actually neutral and can neutralize acidity in the soil. This is the reason why calcium ammonium nitrate is suitable for any kind of soil. A great fertilizer can definitely give flexibility to the farmer and this product definitely provides the agriculturalist that. Any agricultural crop can be used in conjunction with calcium ammonium nitrate as well. This product is also very economical and cost efficient. With a small amount of money used to purchase this product; you can gain a lot of profit by the harvest that you will be getting at the end of the season.

Calcium ammonium nitrate also provides the plant with two types of nitrogen. The first is nitrate nitrogen. Nitrate nitrogen is quickly absorbed by the plant and is suitable for a quick nitrogen- deficiency fix. The effect of this nitrogen is fast acting as well. The second type of nitrogen is ammonic nitrogen. This nitrogen is much slower in absorption. But this means that the plant will have a longer lasting nutrition system that will feed the plant at an extended period of time. With these two types of nitrogen absorption mechanisms, the plant will be able to receive the maximum nutrition needed for it to grow and produce fruits. The forms of nitrogen released by this product also remain in the soil for the plants to feed on and they do not volatize. All in all, calcium ammonium nitrate can provide optimum results when it comes to agriculture use and with the benefits you get in a small amount of money, you can never go wrong with this fertilizer.