Learn about Safety with Ammonium Nitrate MSDS

Ammonium Nitrate MSDS

The Ammonium Nitrate MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet is designed to provide people and companies information on how this substance can affect a person and how to handle situations pertaining to this compound. There are also material safety data sheets for other compounds and substances which are designed to do the same thing. It is always important for people to know that dealing with these types of substances is extremely dangerous and can pose some serious health risks. If you are not trained or you are unaware of what this product is, then there is no reason for you to handle it. When it comes to health, as outlined in the ammonium nitrate MSDS, ammonium nitrate is a very strong irritant. It can irritate the skin, which is the body’s barrier and exterior protection; it can irritate the eyes when the compound is contacted to either one, and it is also an irritant to the lungs. Of the three, lung irritation is the most serious.

According to the ammonium nitrate MSDS, when a person is exposed to the substance and has inhaled it, simply bring him or her out to an open area and let them breathe fresh air. In case of large dose inhalation, professional medical help must be called immediately. While waiting for the help to arrive, it is important to take the victim away from the site and transfer him or her to an open area where the air is clean. If the patient is not breathing, CPR and mouth to mouth resuscitation must be performed as soon as possible. Once the ambulance has arrived, oxygen will be administered to facilitate the respiration. For eye contact, the affected eye must be flushed with running water for at least fifteen minutes. When ammonium nitrate comes into contact with the skin, flush the area with running water for at least fifteen minutes as well. You can wash it with soap, and then an emollient can be used to cover the irritated area. It is very important to get the soiled clothing away from the body and they should be washed thoroughly before allowing the person to wear them again. The ammonium nitrate MSDS is very clear that in any of these conditions, seeking medical attention is always part of the protocol and should not be missed.

Measures when ingesting ammonium nitrate

If the person has ingested ammonium nitrate, call medical help immediately. As stated in the ammonium nitrate MSDS, you should not induce vomiting. Always wait for the medical team to arrive and always tell them how much has been ingested and what time the incident had happened. If the patient is unconscious and unresponsive, do not give anything by mouth. Since ammonium nitrate is an oxidizing agent, fires can happen if this substance is not handled correctly. Always call the fire department if any fire will occur. The best way to prevent fires from happening is through correct and proper storage of ammonium nitrate. It must be kept in a tight closed container and must be placed in a cool dry place as stated in the ammonium nitrate MSDS.