Getting the accurate Ammonium Nitrate formula

Ammonium nitrate formula

One reason why ammonium nitrate is widely used in the agriculture business is the fact that the ammonium nitrate formula is easily understood and following the formula is also a very simple process. In simple terms, you basically just need to combine ammonia with nitric acid to form ammonium nitrate. Although the chemical process is very simple, creating ammonium nitrate is very dangerous since the materials and substances involved are corrosives and oxidizing agents as well. Corrosive substances are those that will damage and will eat away surfaces to which it will react and oxidizing agents are those substances that can take away ions from another substance making it very flammable and sensitive to heat. When speaking about chemistry, the chemical formula of ammonium nitrate is NH4NO3. The chemical equation for the production of ammonium nitrate is very simple: HNO3 + NH3 ? NH4NO3. HNO3 is the chemical formula for ammonia while NH3 is for nitric acid. That is the ammonium nitrate formula.

The ammonium nitrate formula is very simple but production of ammonium nitrate in large quantities especially by companies selling this compound is done in a different manner. The companies that produce ammonium nitrate use a concentrated type of nitric acid which is eventually combined with anhydrous ammonia gas. Anhydrous gas means that the ammonia gas used is at a definite temperature and pressure and usually does not contain any water. When they combine these two components, ammonium nitrate is formed. But it is important to note that when this process is made, a violent and exothermic reaction is also produced. An exothermic reaction is actually a chemical reaction wherein energy is released in the form of either heat or light. That means that the process of mixing ammonia and nitric acid does not only create ammonium nitrate but it also releases a large amount of energy. This is the reason why the process needs to be controlled all the time.

Getting an accurate ammonium nitrate formula

Getting the accurate ammonium nitrate formula will basically mean you are getting what you have asked. If there is an error in the formula then you might end up getting a chemical reaction that you are not prepared for. Again, the chemicals and substances used in this chemical combination are corrosive. Extra caution must be taken and necessary protective gear must be worn. There are some people who do this at home. Usually, they wear protective goggles, a gas mask to protect them from the fumes, a gown and gloves. When attempting to mix nitric acid with ammonia, it is important to perform this in an open area that is distant from any open flames. Always check the ammonium nitrate formula and see if the reaction is balanced. Ammonium nitrate can also be made using other substances. But in these cases, ammonium nitrate is not the main product but only a by- product of the reaction. An example of this is combining ammonium sulfate with sodium nitrate. The products of this metathesis reaction are sodium sulfate and ammonium nitrate. Once again, the ammonium nitrate formula should be followed with caution to prevent any unexpected reactions to occur.